To everyone from 7 to 77 years old who wishes to engage in a journey of well-being, clarity, trust and peacefulness. Contrary to the common belief: Voice = professional singer, we noticed in the years of teaching breath and sound that most students do this to feel better in their body/mind and in their life. Consequently by modifying or discarding the limiting and disempowering beliefs they had towards their voice, not only do they perceive themselves differently but their professional and personal activities and actions become more to the point, exact, authentic and more satisfying.

To those of all ages interested in working on their voice. It can also be useful to teachers, announcers, lawyers, speakers, actors, singers and other voice professionals, by helping them better understand their instrument and to use it in the greatest respect for who they are and who they address themselves to.

To children and adolescents who wish to find a calmer breath and develop greater faith and trust in themselves, a sense of security, peacefulness and concentration, thus helping them to a deep sense of growing enthusiastically inside and outside.

Benefit from the privilege of being human, by daring to develop and reinforce their ability to be happier; through their breath, source of life, repossess their voice, a tool of global self-harmonisation.