Think about it! Isn't our everyday voice an imitation or more specifically a fabrication ?

We have built a voice that seems adequate and which for most people represents a façade or a protection.

Why Do We Do This ?

Each of us has his own reasons and if we ask ourselves the question, the answer(s) will no doubt enlighten us on who we are or who do we believe we are. Don't we say of a voice that it lacks or has too much energy, it is hard or that it doesn't have enough direction ?
Some lose their voice for a few hours, days or longer.

Does that voice have an impact on us, our body, our psyche, our whole being ?


The Centre Option-Voix helps those who wish to re-establish a true relationship with their voice, an undeniable way to reharmonize themselves deeply.

Our global approach, using voice as a guide and witness to rebuild the individual, allows for the discovery of that true voice which was hidden by tensions, blockages and decisions taken in the course of years. That voice becomes the object of a respectful and global reconstruction of the person.

From the spoken to the singing voice back to the spoken voice, using breath, the deep breath, sound, vibration, the method offers essential guidelines to assist each participant.
  • Welcoming the student as he/she is, with what shows and what's hidden, in all of his being.
  • Using simple and efficient specific exercises and discover with him/her their vocal and breathing "modus operandi"..
  • Undertake together the deconstruction and reconstruction process by using the tools adapted to him/her, thus facilitating the identification and the wearing out of the tensions that prohibit vibration of the body.
  • Maintain strenght and direction to facilitate vocal and breathing opening out and awakening. The purpose is helping each individual re-establish its true verticality leading to its autonomy.

«For the last three years, the Méthode Option-Voix® transformed my life professionally and personally. Of all the numerous healing and self-expressing processes I have experienced, I chose this method because it is the most transformational in the body. By experience I can say that this method destructures physiological, psychic and emotional tensions and blockages and at the same time restructures the body with the growing strength of breath and sound and of the voice».
Chantal Drapeau, Self-expression and Vocal Improvisation Workshop Leader

«I have been practising breath-sound for the past 9 years and have been teaching it for 5 years; it revolutionized not only my way of singing but my whole life. I have gradually freed myself from main tensions which blocked the path of my «vocal identity»  and above all I have become more human, more accomplished and happier. I can say the most radical transformation was that of my attitude towards life; from a cynical warrior mostly angry against the whole world, I became a woman who found her strength and deep identity and more authentic than I have ever been.»
Odette Girard, French Literature and Breath and Sound Teacher

The spirit of the method:

In total respect of the integrity of each person, find and follow the guiding thread of his/her evolution towards a physiological and psychic harmonisation guided by his/her voice.
For those of us who reach adulthood in a state of instability often confronted to the unpredictability of our inner attitudes, this method offers the opportunity of a solid and comforting verticality.

For others, it allows understanding and reinforcing of what «works» and pursuit of their evolution towards an ever-growing well-being.

This teaching is nurtured by an accepting non-judgemental attitude free of conditions and expectations;  it offers each participant the facilitating space for his/her opening out and a deep and personal expression through his/her voice freed from the limiting constraints of performance.

The Guidelines of the Method:

The attitude : Essential and necessary ingredient of the Option-Voix Method®.

The attitude with which we undertake this voice work begins by accepting the voice as it is and, consequently the individual as he/she is. From this lucid, nurturing and comfortable context, each student can untie the tensions and blockages and simultaneously reconstruct the body that he/she is, rather than the body that he/she has, by finding its verticality. When these conditions are met, it will be easier to access a deep breath opening the door to a true, unique and personal vibration, the source of our voice in its strength and direction.

Breath and voice : Breath is universal. Voice is unique. The process is intent on helping each student, by individual sessions or in a workshop, to know and identify one's voice better and to make it into a familiar reconstruction tool. A simple yet direct deep and efficient physiological, auditory and psychic experience of breath and voice, in the vision of a truer balance towards oneself and others.
In fact most of us built ourselves on blockages resulting from a constricted breath and a more or less fabricated voice that feeds those tensions. The purpose is to find our own violence (strength in the hara)  to re-establish the movement of our own vital energy and to transform it into an act of generosity.

In all due respect to the guidelines of breath and voice and those proper to each student, this rational and intuitive quest becomes the cornerstone of a personal, passionate and serene undertaking, the results of which are clearly perceptible at each step of the process.

This approach calls upon who you really are in the perspective of an authentic research leading to the harmonisation of your vocal or artistic expression and yourself, your personal and professional life.  A reharmonisation process of the singing and spoken voice.

The voice becomes the witness of the harmonisation of the whole being : body, soul and spirit.

Apart from the life and teaching experience of the founders and directors of the Centre Option-Voix, Murielle and Daniel, the exercises and movements born from that experience and the breakthroughs they and the students have lived throughout the years.

The movements and exercises, standing, kneeling, lying or sitting on the shoggis (little benches adapted to each one) are numerous and constantly evolving in an ongoing adjustment to the needs of each person.

Cognitive Organisation of Movement and Nutripuncture
A series of archetypal movements inspired by the work of the American neurologist Temple Fay were created to facilitate the neurofunctional integration of the individual with an undeniable effect on breath and voice in the physiological and psychic development of the student.

Nutripuncture (akin to acupuncture) an endocellular «feeding» made of multiple elements charged electromagnetically which facilitate the circulation of the vital stream along the Chinese medical meridians having a calming and energizing effect on the person as a whole.

The nutriments have an immediate impact on the voice by facilitating the research and discovery of the true vocal identity of the student.