Murielle Matteau, voice and singing teacher since 1980 and Union des Artistes member. Trained in osteophonie and in breath and sound teaching, she was instructor at l’Alliance des Chorales du Québec for 10 years and a member of the professional choir at l’Opéra de Montréal and l’Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal. She was a soloist in many lyrical performances on the Montréal scene and sings regularly at public and private concerts in Québec, Europe and the United States. Her quest for authenticity is nurtured by her life, singing and voice teaching experience.

About Murielle : «During the 4 day workshop, I particularly appreciated her rightful direction, her solid support, her humour! Her great professionalism! Total respect in all her instructions, unconditional acceptance, absence of judgements and a remarkable understanding of all human injuries»
Lohry Louise Dubé, Naturopath
Daniel Ladouceur is a voice teacher since 1997. He is a certified mentor/counsellor of the Option Process® and is trained in breath and sound teaching. During 3 years he codirected with his wife Murielle a Son-Rise Program® for their autistic daughter Mariepier. He also accompanies families who have a child with special needs and who have undertaken this program at home. He brings to his voice teaching the values of depth, presence, listening and vitality inherent to his work as a mentor.
About Daniel: «A man with an exceptional presence, a quality of welcoming which allowed me to access my inner self. Encouraging, respectful, inherently caring and available in his support to facilitate breakthroughs in a loving and non-judgemental environment.»
Diane Guérette, Professional Coach

About Murielle and Daniel:
«They are the only teachers I know who, patiently and lovingly, help the student « reconstruct himself » in such a unique way; by looking for authenticity rather than performance, being rather than appearance.»
Juliana Pleines, Retired Nurse

«Through their long time work and pursuit, they have become exceptional people. I am one of those privileged who, by spending time with them, learn to become more aware, happier, more loving and free.»
Odette Girard, French Literature and Breath and Sound Teacher