To help people live a happier, more autonomous, more expressive and more prosperous life.

Fear, anger, sadness, anxiety, depression, although familiar to many, are not mandatory to the human experience. The Option Process® is a life perspective designed to help you create a vision by which you can grow comfortably.

By incorporating it into your life, you will learn that you don’t have to become uncomfortable (sad, anxious, angry or otherwise unhappy) to motivate yourself to do what you want and to take care of yourself. There is a much more loving and nurturing way to see yourself and others as well as the events of your life.

Acceptance and absence of judgement, expectations and conditions are the basis from which everything becomes possible. An unending source of discoveries to help you become more peaceful and confident, facilitating success, health and prosperity.

«This way of life offers me the opportunity to be happy and free to become who I want.»
Ariane Schmitt, Student, Geneva

«The Option Process® is certainly the most respectful investigation method of my motivations I have experimented with. I was invited to discover the answers within myself to my questions in the greatest respect of my personal integrity.»
Claude Thompson, Psychotherapist, Montréal

The Option Process Dialogue:®
Do you ever wish someone were there just for you, offering unconditional acceptance and at the same time being a facilitator to help you help yourself become a happier person, clearer about what you want, more trusting, efficient and successful?

Inspired by the Socratic Dialogue, this gentle yet powerful process helps you uncover, challenge and discard the limiting and self-defeating beliefs.

Create a time just for you, where your expertise on yourself is honoured and a totally self-directed exploration can help you identify clearly what you want and empower you to go for it.

The Option Process® Dialogue is an opportunity for rapid and easy change in your life.

Note : The Option Process® Dialogue is offered in person or by telephone.

«On the various occasions I was offered a dialogue with Daniel, either in Montreal or on the phone from home, I have felt his caring and warm presence, joined to lightness and humour.»
France Frascarolo, Option Process® Mentor/Counsellor, Switzerland

«The Option Process Dialogue® allows me to accept and trust myself more than I ever have, and to focus on happiness as a priority.»

Michel Primeau, Counsellor to the Homeless, Montréal

Group Programs:
Discover and adopt the attitude "To love is to be happy with" of Option Process® a unique, simple and profound way of life, to facilitate your own well-being and skill as a parent, lover, spouse, student, teacher, worker, professional, etc.

Learn to identify and abandon your judgements, explore and discard the beliefs that fuel your unhappiness. Through exercises, practical application and discussions, allow yourself a concrete and accessible experience of this accepting, non-judgmental and loving attitude. Develop your awareness and capacity to use the shortcuts to happiness as outlined in the best-selling book, "Happiness is a choice", by Barry Neil Kaufman.

Initiate and increase your ability as a mentor of the Option Process Dialogue ® ; also discover how powerfully you can facilitate your own happiness when you use this process as an explorer.

«Daniel is an excellent teacher, clear, concise and warm.»
Jacques Lambert, MD, Montréal

«He is remarkably open and accepting.»
Paul-Georges Crismer, Computer Analyst, Brussels

«Authentic, Daniel communicates clearly through his teaching.»
Béatrice Bellisa, Director Gordon Centre, Paris

Coaching: The Son-Rise Program:®
For those of us parenting or working with a person with special needs, including autism, autism spectrum disorders, Asperger and other developmental and neurological challenges, the Son-Rise Program® offers a profoundly different and stimulating perspective which focuses all at once on the person and on our attitude towards him/her.

Based on the internationally-acclaimed work of Bears and Samahria Kaufman, founders and directors of The Option Institute International Learning & Training Center and the Autism Treatment Center of America, this program is the foundation for an increasing number of families throughout the world who choose to walk a different path.

Daniel Ladouceur, having directed such a program with his daughter Mariepier, can assist by informing parents, individuals and families of the many possibilities that can be created through this program.

If you have attended a Son-Rise Program® course at the Autism Treatment Center of America,and would like continued support based on his own experience as a father and codirector of a Son-Rise Program® he would be happy to support you.

References by Barry Neil Kaufman:
Happiness Is A Choice
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Son-Rise : The Miracle Continues

Daniel Ladouceur has been practicing the Option Process® since 1985 and is a certified Mentor/Counselor of the Option Process® trained at the Option Institute International Learning and Training Center, Sheffield, MA 01257, USA, Tel: 1 800 714-2779. His private practice is in Montréal, where he works with individuals, couples, groups, and families. He offers seminars, classes and dialogues in Canada, Europe and the United States.

«Daniel’s long standing relationship with us and the numerous programs in which he participated have evolved into an unflinching and passionate commitment to the Option Process® . He personifies and embraces the accepting and non-judgemental attitude we teach at The Option Institute. Anyone wanting to have more happiness, peace of mind, inner ease, and success in their lives will benefit from working with him, learning from him, and being in his presence.»
Barry Neil Kaufman,Co-Founder and Co-Director, Option Institute International Learning & Training Center and Autism Treatment Center of America