Four Day Residential Workshop:

The workshop provides the opportunity to begin an enthusiastic research and put in motion the reconstruction process to establish the true relationship between sound and breath energies. With the help of simple and specific exercises, we will help you rebalance the instrument, your body, so that the relationship between the various components becomes more harmonious.
Become the Body That We Are Rather Than the Body That We Have.

In a group of individuals with common goals, you will find caring support, leading to an increased autonomy using your voice as a witness and guidepost on the path to authenticity.

You can participate in a workshop even if you have not previously taken private sessions. (See calendar of workshops).

«I discovered my body, my breath, my energy. Each exercise freed me from my lethargy in a necessary and beneficial impulse. After all, no children learn to walk without falling.»
Claude Rossignol

«I acquired the experience and the deep awareness of an inner strength which connects me to my body. Since the workshop my voice is deeper. I am also more centered.»
Micheline Lamarche
Therapist in Psycho Energy

«During a voice and breath workshop with Murielle and Daniel, I did a bodily and vibratory integration of my base, my roots, a reconciliation with myself, an acceptance of who I am, of my experience. I now trust this voice, born again, living freely, totally.»
Françoise Belan
Holistic Therapist

«I have more space in my throat, my legs are remarkably more flexible, less tension in my brain and a better perception of sounds. This is amazing.»

Mirielle Murray
Retired Teacher

«During a 4 day workshop with Murielle and Daniel, I learned to trust, not to judge and to trust myself. I lived each step of the process as an unfolding of the soul in the body with passion and a sense of contemplation. I loved the experience of going for the essential things.»
Thérèse Chabot
Artist and Teacher

One Day Workshop:
Applying breath and sound work in a one day workshop, being part of a group, like the 4 day workshop, to benefit from the presence and energy of many participants and the cumulative effect of the exercises and movements as practised by each one.
«While working at Centre Option-Voix, I discovered that with a deep breath, I remember who I am effortlessly. Everything comes to me naturally: sound, voice, joy
Nathalie Khoriaty
Author, Composer, Singer
Individual Sessions:
In an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance, undertake this work and ensure a pertinent guidance of your voice endeavour. Offer yourself adequate support to maintain and reinforce the effects of a Workshop.

«For those who want to explore by using an original and unique method of self-reconstruction, personal growth, even of healing, by using the two main vehicles of life that are breath and voice.»

«An interesting aspect of this work is that it is accessible to people of all levels of vocal proficiency and cultural background and not only for scenic artists, professionals or seasoned amateurs. In fact, we never focus on performance but rather students are invited on a journey called : Dare to Be.»
Julie Thibaudeau
Singer and Student at Centre Option-Voix

Singing Classes:
For participants who completed a four-day Workshop, an opportunity to apply their learning of breath-sound in classic and/or popular repertoire on the road to an ongoing mastery.
An opportunity to publicise the Méthode Option-Voix® where you live and/or work by being a witness or even a participant of this work.
For the students of Centre Option-Voix who wish to accelerate their apprenticeship of la Méthode Option-Voix for their own benefits or in order to teach it. This is an in-depth program, rigorous, comprehensive, allowing the participants to reach a greater mastery and understanding of their breath and sound experience. This program leads to a certification by the Centre Option-Voix.


One-day Workshop : 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Saturday march 11 2017
  • Saturday april 29 2017
Price: $250 (CAD)

A one day workshop can be offered upon request.

Prices can change without notice


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